Patrick McGuinn
Executive Producer
Peter Perrone
André Salas
1st AD/Continuity
Robert Ziegler
2nd AD/FX Liaison
BC Furtney
Nickolas Dylan Rossi
Assistant Camera
Nick Morr
Tim O'Connor
Sound Mixer
Charles Mead
Art Direction
Susan Morningstar
Visual FX
Jesse LeChok
SPFX Makeup
Sam Kingcaid

End Credit Song “Evidence Remains”
Composed and Performed by

David Brown

Special Thanks
(in alphabetical order)

Eleanor Ambos
Michael Balabuch
Anthony Chapman
James Cronk
Sam Daley
Vefa Erdem
Jeremy Hinsdale
Ron Hunt
Deborah Kroll
Serena Kuo
Jonathan Lees
Eric Luszcz
Laura Martin
Graciano Nunez
John Ort
Dan Pane
Ruth Pinsky
Eliza Roberto
Sanjin Sabljak
Dolores Tickner
David J. Turan
Joey Violante
C.P. Voigt

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Eulogy for a Vampire
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